sexta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2008

That´s where you´ll find me...

Somewhere over the rainbow way up high
There's a land that I've heard of once in a lullaby
Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true

Some day I'll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where troubles melt like lemon drops
Away above the chimney tops
That's where you'll find me

Somewhere over the rainbow blue birds fly
Birds fly over the rainbow
Why then, oh why can't I?
If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow
Why oh why can't I?

"somewhere over the rainbow"
letra de EH Harburg e musica deHarold Arlen

más notícias Diogo...

...afinal o "Sport Billy" existe mesmo!!!

...mas temos desculpa porque, afinal, essa relíquia dos desenhos animados data de 1984...ah pois é, bébé!!!